1. Guiding Principle
We offer a quality standard that is oriented towards the demands of the customer and is regarded by our customer as the ultimate standard for the product and its connected services. Therefore we question our customers about their contentment with our products and services.

2. Guiding Principle
We define and supervise the single processes. We create transparency by clear representation and mutual information, in temporal operational sequence and objective connections, seize and evaluate there by the cost structure.

3. Guiding Principle
We review the defined interfaces in cooperating the individual operational sequence regularly and react quickly to negative deviations.

4. Guiding Principle
We form our processes under the premise of optimal customer usage. We analyze, without being asked, critical events, create solutions and co-ordinate them with all relevant places befor installing solutions.

5. Guiding Principle
We compare our measures with those of our competitors and with companies outside of our industry branch. We analyze these measures and compare them critically.

6. Guiding Principle
We do not copy, but rather learn from those, who are better.

7. Guiding Principle
We include all colleagues of our enterprise into the process of constant quality improvement. The management takes on a model function, in order to motivate all co-workers in the process of quality improvement. We interview our colleagues in regular intervals about their motivation and contentment and create success experiences for them, which will substantially affect customer satisfaction.

8. Guiding Principle
We use the same quality goals, wich apply to us, on the businesses connected with us and relate them to their performance. We negotiate not only the price, but also the quality of our suppliers products as well as the punctuality of their deliveries.